Heel! (Specifically, Heel Pain – Ouch!)

Dr. Woelffer's dog

Pain in the heel is one of the most common symptoms seen by foot & ankle specialists—and it is not fun! People with heel pain suffer. Whether it is a fresh injury keeping you from walking across the bedroom floor, or a chronic injury not allowing you to exercise regularly, frustration can really reach a boiling point.

Now, some good news. You don’t have to live with heel pain!! Many treatments exist and most lead to a complete recovery. What is the key to success? A plan. A focused strategy to do all the things that are good for healing while eliminating the things that are bad. Usually, it can be a pretty simple plan; home exercises, shoe wear changes, custom shoe inserts (orthotics). All are examples of simple treatments. Of course, there are many more treatments for heel pain. Surely, there is a plan for you, right?

Having heel pain is a drag. It’s time for a plan.

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