Runner’s Toenails

Running feet in fall


You wake up before the sun is up, toe the line, the gun fires, and you start that race you have been training months for.

The weather is perfect.  The crowds cheer you on, and you cross the finish with a big smile or possibly a tear in your eye as emotion overtakes you. Maybe it’s your first race or your 50th, but nothing beats that feeling of crossing the line with friends and strangers cheering you on in rock star fashion!

You celebrate and get a much deserved night’s rest. You awake the next morning with that continued feeling of accomplishment, a little sore, and then you look down at your feet. Aaaahhhhhhhhh! What is going on in the toenail department?

“Runner’s toe” has stricken! That black and blue toenail situation that might also have your toenail lifting from the bed. Must runners, especially distance runners, have experienced or are familiar with the condition. Make sure your shoe is the appropriate size and fit. If your toenail is not painful, no treatment is necessary, but keep in mind: you might lose the toenail. If it is painful or you see signs of infection, get your foot checked by a podiatrist. We treat lots of runners with toenail problems and will do everything we can to keep you running. Cheers!