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The Best Shoe for Your Feet

How to choose the right shoes for your feet

My patients often ask me which is the best running shoe. That is a tough question for me to answer, because as a runner I have my personal preferences. Put enough miles on a shoe, and you will know what I’m talking about. All shoe brands for the most part offer cushioning shoes as well as stability shoes. The key is to get some guidance in how to choose the right shoe.

If you are serious about running and taking care of your feet so you can keep on running, I have some advice. See a foot doctor if you are having foot problems and consider visiting a specialty running store for your next running shoe purchase. It will take trying on a few different pairs of shoes to discover which is the best fit, and fit is key.

Keep in mind that a good shoe does not always equal a high price tag. Too often I hear patients talking about how they don’t buy cheap shoes and always get the more expensive models. Proper fit and the right shoe for your feet is most important; that can be found at many different price points.

Another important point to consider is that running shoes do have a lifespan. Consistent running puts a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. The average shoe lifespan is considered to be 300-500 miles. That being said, use your running shoes for just that: running. Don’t wear them for a 10K on Saturday and then to the mall on Sunday. They will wear out twice as fast. When shoes start to wear out and they continue to be worn, injuries can happen. If that happens, give us a call. Happy running!


It’s important to make sure your feet are well-cared for when you run. To learn more about how to take care of your feet while you run, check out this month’s newsletter.

At the first sign of foot and ankle pain or problems, stop and visit a podiatrist. To schedule an appointment with one of the podiatrists at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center, call our office at (919) 850-9111 or use our online Request an Appointment form. We serve patients from Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest in Wake County, NC and surrounding communities in and around the Raleigh-Durham Area and the rest of North Carolina. Hablamos Español.

Runner’s Toenails

Running feet in fall


You wake up before the sun is up, toe the line, the gun fires, and you start that race you have been training months for.

The weather is perfect.  The crowds cheer you on, and you cross the finish with a big smile or possibly a tear in your eye as emotion overtakes you. Maybe it’s your first race or your 50th, but nothing beats that feeling of crossing the line with friends and strangers cheering you on in rock star fashion!

You celebrate and get a much deserved night’s rest. You awake the next morning with that continued feeling of accomplishment, a little sore, and then you look down at your feet. Aaaahhhhhhhhh! What is going on in the toenail department?

“Runner’s toe” has stricken! That black and blue toenail situation that might also have your toenail lifting from the bed. Must runners, especially distance runners, have experienced or are familiar with the condition. Make sure your shoe is the appropriate size and fit. If your toenail is not painful, no treatment is necessary, but keep in mind: you might lose the toenail. If it is painful or you see signs of infection, get your foot checked by a podiatrist. We treat lots of runners with toenail problems and will do everything we can to keep you running. Cheers!


Cheers to Fall and the Beginning of Marathon Season

Fall Marathon Runner

Cool crisp mornings and the changing of the leaves not only signifies the beginning of fall, but also the marathon season. On a recent long run, I spent some time really thinking about this season. I have a few marathons under my belt these days, but I remember my first – almost 17 years ago – like it was yesterday. Not only because it was my first marathon, but I was training and running with a beautiful young woman I had recently met (who is now my wife).

She really jump-started my passion for running long before I was a podiatrist, or even thinking about podiatry school. Thank goodness it was an amazing experience, and any runners out there that have completed a marathon can relate to that life changing moment when you push past all the pain and cross the finish line. Back then, I did not give much thought to shoes, training, or injuries. However, these days as a podiatrist that races in marathons and triathlons, this topic is high on my priority list!

Those of you out there packing on the mileage and preparing for a race, please listen to your feet. Foot pain when running is not normal and ignoring it can prevent you from finishing or possibly even starting that important race. If you are experiencing pain, get it checked out sooner rather than later. Often, there are treatments that can keep you running. Trust me when I tell you as a doctor and a runner, you do not want to train hard and miss that glorious finish. Cheers to fall!