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We Will Walk You!

This past weekend I joined our doctors and staff at the annual Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. The walk is an annual event hosted by the American Diabetes Association each November, which is Diabetes Awareness Month. This year’s walk was a doozy! Total downpour. Rain runoff ran over the tops of my shoes during the entire walk, literally. But! It was still fun to be part of the group committed to a goal: stopping diabetes!

So, my message today is simple: make your little goal part of a bigger goal, and reap the benefits! For me, last weekend, my goal was to get a little exercise, help some nice people with diabetes, and see the natural beauty of the Dorothea Dix Campus. But I got more! I got to help motivate others to get out and walk, rain or shine! I also got to bond with people that all said, “It’s raining a lot but I want to do this.” We all bonded over a common goal: making this lemon into lemonade. And it made it better!

I guess this means that in our daily lives we can all get more out of every plan if we make that plan to bring people together. Make it more than just a plan, make it an event! Do your morning walk with a couple friends, or walk with man’s best friend, or walk with music – or do all three! It’s no secret: committed goals shared with others are better. Go big! And don’t be afraid to get soaking wet.

And remember: the doctors and staff at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center are here to help with your goals! Whether you have diabetes and are worried about your feet, or if you’re an athlete with heel pain, or you have a pesky ingrown toenail, remember: we can help you with that. Call our office at (919) 850-9111 to make an appointment with one of our podiatrists, or click to request an appointment online. We’ll work together with you and come up with the best plan for the health of your feet.

Dr. Boehm, Dr. Woelffer, Russ, Colleen, and Kinsey at the 2015 Step Out Walk to Stop DIabetes.

Dr. Boehm, Dr. Woelffer, Russ, Colleen, and Kinsey at the 2015 Step Out Walk to Stop DIabetes.