Why Do My Toenails Hurt?

Happy and sad toes: Ingrown toenails

Quite a question, I know. But, a real problem for some—even young, healthy people! You see, some of us are born with very mild toenail deformities that create a curved nail growth pattern. Seems harmless until you start noticing things like, “My big toes hurt whenever I exercise,” or, “The sides of my toes get red and sore whenever I wear dress shoes.” Ingrown toenails. Not fun.

Here’s the secret to eliminating ingrown toenail pain—Foot Doctor Tricks! Seriously, there are trimming and lubricating tips that can prevent this pinching pain in the toes. Don’t try anything on your own, or the problem could worsen. A trained podiatrist can show you the tricks and tips you need to get rid of that pain. And, if “tricks” don’t work, we always have a highly successful office procedure called a matrixectomy.

So, don’t suffer! Ask your podiatrist about how to get your ingrown toenails under control. The doctors at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center will be happy to help you. You’ll be glad you did!


Photo credit: footphysics.co.uk