Ball of Foot Pain (Metatarsalgia)

Why Do The Balls Of My Feet Hurt?

Pain in the ball of the foot, also called metatarsalgia, can stop you dead in your tracks. If you think relief is out of reach, think again. With the advanced skill and capabilities of Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center, you can get back on your feet and back to your active lifestyle. 

What Are The Causes Of Metatarsalgia?

  • Injury to the foot, either from stepping on something painful or being in an accident
  • Improper foot gear (shoes that don’t fit well or high heels)
  • Very high levels of activity, such as running or other weight-bearing exercise
  • Inherited foot structure, such as bunion deformities or long second toes
  • Pinched, inflamed nerve(s) 

How Do I Know If The Pain In The Ball Of My Foot Is Metatarsalgia?

This type of pain, unless caused by an injury, usually starts slowly. The ball of the foot may feel like it’s bruised. The pain is usually underneath the base of the lesser toes. Increased activity or wearing tight dress shoes usually makes the pain worse. 

How Can I Treat My Metatarsalgia?

To treat pain in the ball of your foot, call (919) 850-9111 and make an appointment to be examined by one of our doctors. One of our experienced foot doctors will give you a full foot and ankle exam, which may include x-rays. Possible treatments for pain in the ball of the foot can include: an in-shoe device, such as an insole or orthotic insert; rest; anti-inflammatory medications; custom orthotics; injections; and in severe cases, surgery.

No matter what type of foot or ankle problem you’re suffering from, you’ll find leading-edge solutions at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center. We listen to your needs and help you feel comfortable with our foot care.


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