Children’s Foot & Ankle Care

Children can have foot and ankle problems, too – many of which are treatable and correctable. Children’s foot and ankle problems include shape abnormalities, poorly formed bone structure or congenital defects such as flat feet. Ingrown toenails are common among children, as are athlete’s foot, warts, injuries and even toenail fungus.

Proper Care Starts With An Accurate Diagnosis

We care for children of all ages, from infants and toddlers to teens. After a thorough examination and assessment, including watching your child stand and walk, we can accurately diagnose the problem and design a treatment plan. We care for children with flat feet, intoeing and outtoeing problems and sports injuries. We even help children with tendonitis, bunion and hammertoe – just like adults. The most effective treatment is best-determined with a proper diagnosis by the skilled podiatrists at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center.

We Pay Special Attention To Children Because We Love Kids!

Our doctors and staff enjoy working with children of all ages, and most of us have young children of our own. So don’t be surprised when you see us going out of our way to make your child laugh or feel comfortable. When your child has a foot or ankle problem, we can help. For more information on children’s foot and ankle care, call Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center today at (919) 850-9111.


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