What Is A Neuroma?

A neuroma, often called Morton’s neuroma, is a thickening of the outer covering of a nerve in the foot. There is also some deposition of scar tissue within the nerve itself. The enlargement of the nerve causes painful symptoms in the ball of the foot, which gradually get worse.

Most patients have a burning type of pain at the base of their third or fourth toes on the bottom of their foot. Other times the pain is described as sharp, stinging, stabbing, shooting or hot. Most of the time, the pain begins as a discomfort and gradually grows into worse pain. The pain may be the first occurrence of foot problems (no previous injuries), and can be very unpredictable. Four days of the same activity could result in only one day of pain. Sometimes removing shoes and massaging the foot can result in pain relief, and other times there is a popping, snapping or grinding sensation in the foot with the pain. The pain can radiate up the foot towards the ankle as it worsens.

What Causes Neuroma?

Neuroma is a very common foot problem, and is most likely caused by certain types of inherited foot structures. It can also be caused by poor shoes or excessive activity. Occasionally, a patient has a neuroma caused by trauma. Nerve problems due to diabetes or alcoholism can also cause neuroma-like symptoms.

What Can I Do About My Neuroma?

If you have pain from a neuroma, visit the doctors at Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center. They will begin with an examination to determine what is wrong with your foot and what is causing your foot pain. They will often start with conservative treatment, although surgical intervention is sometimes necessary.

Conservative treatments for neuroma may include padding or insoles that could be used to separate the affected metatarsals; injections; increased support in the form of shoes, orthotic inserts or special boots; or special therapy techniques performed by a physical therapist.

If you have neuroma pain, visit Raleigh Foot & Ankle Center today. The doctors and staff at our office can help diagnose and treat your pain and help determine the best course of treatment to get you back on your feet and free of pain as soon as possible!


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